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10 Ways To Keep Nosy People Off Your Business.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has a problem with nosy people.

Below are some of the ways in which to keep people off your business.

Make them think that you tell them everything.

Always give people the impression that you are open. That you tell them everything. This will prevent them from digging into your life and wanting to know more.

Always give them answers that they want to hear.

Once you get to know a person, you will know what they expect of/from you. If it’s a gossip looking for juicy stories from/about you to tell when they go for their little gossip meetings, then tell them exactly what you know they came for even if it’s not entirely true.

Recently, I experienced a person that I would tell about business because I thought they genuinely wanted to learn a thing or two from me. But then I heard them making jokes about the things I tell them. Once, they even did it to my face. So whenever this person would ask me anything anytime I would give them the answers they wanted to hear knowing very well they will go and use what I said, take it out of context and make fun of it.

Let them think that you are exactly what they have labelled you or think of you.

If people think you are damn, shallow, immature, selfish, stingy, mean and so on, then let them. Do not waste your time trying to prove them wrong.

Avoid group meetings or social gatherings where these kinds of people might be a part of.

The more you meet these people, the more they will be all up in your business. If you are a part of a group with these people or you go to places for social gatherings where these kind of people are most likely going to be ,then you need to stop going to those social gathering or simply quit the group.

Do not stop for long chats with them whenever you meet them.

Sometimes you might bump into these people because maybe you work in the same organisation/building, maybe you go to the same church or you live in the same area etc. Then you are most likely bump into them. Best thing to do is to say halo and talk general things as fast as you can out of courtesy and then walk away.

Take note of the one thing they dislike and do it every time they are around.

One day this lady came to my house to tell me how I should behave around people and she even pointed out things that she thought I should stop doing and change. LOL! I could not believe my ears! But out of respect for myself (avoiding confrontation), I listened and waited for her to leave my house. Now every time she seems comfortable around me I do exactly what she said she feels Is the reason why ‘people may not respect me/may easily hurt me.’

Respond to whatever they say with positive gestures or simply agree.

With reference to the previous point, In most cases they always have advice to give you. They always have something to say with regards to how you should live your life, do or handle things. In such cases just agree. I normally say things like, ‘eeeeh, ooooooh, nice’ etc.

Discourage phone calls and texting.

Do not encourage phone calls, texts or chats with these kinds of people. If they call to inquire about things often and not for emergencies, then don’t pick their calls.  If f you pick, then make sure that the phone call is as short as possible. Usually in these cases I say something in a very subtle way that I know will put that person off.  As for the texts, reply with one or two stop words i.e. words that put an end to the chat e.g Great, Have a lovely day etc.

Create boundaries.

Let them understand that they cannot cross certain lines. Tell them off If they go too far.

Cut any communication with them.

If all of the above fails, then make sure that there is no any form of communication or contact with them.

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