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Humility is NOT being a Door mat, being Quiet, or NOT having an Opinion. It’s NOT softness, calmness or NOT thinking of yourself.

According to google, Humility is the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Are you humble and kind or proud and pompous? Below are 12 signs that show you are humble and kind:

1.Humble and kind people think of themselves less.

You are humble and kind if you think about the well being of others most of the time. You will not wish any harm on others or harm anyone just to get ahead.

2.You consider others equal to yourself.

Humble and kind people don’t consider themselves superior to others because of a position or a higher place in the society.

3.Humility is when you’re sensitive to others  i.e. you are considerate.

You are humble and kind if you are careful not to cause harm to or inconvenience other people.


Humble and kind people are obedient and sometimes passive. They comply with rules, standards or laws. They don’t irresponsibly argue just because they don’t want to follow protocol.


Humble and kind people are secure and confident. This is especially because they rarely do wrong to others intentionally. So they are not afraid of karma or someone seeking to revenge.


You are humble and kind if you put others and their feelings first.


Humble and kind people share the little they have with the less fortunate. They are also very quick to help anyone in need. They are there to give support be it emotionally or financially to people that need it.

8.Not afraid to let some of your weaknesses show.

You are humble when you are not afraid to cry when need be. Or when you speak openly about a weakness you have or something you’ve suffered in order to help other people in the same situation.

9.Genuinely happy for other people when things are going well in their lives.

You are humble and kind if you find yourself filled with joy to see a family member, friend or colleague doing well. You are the first one to celebrate for them when they are promoted at work or when they are successful in any way.

10.You give genuine compliments.

You are humble and kind when you have no problem saying nice things to or about a person and acknowledging something they do well, their good looks etc.

11.You are always the bigger person.

Humble and kind people have no problem losing an argument. They are quick to apologize when they are wrong and especially when they feel that they have hurt someone. In most cases it’s to calm a situation and work towards correcting things.

12.You stand with the truth and what’s right.

You always stand with the truth and what’s right. You never join in to hurt a person just because other people are doing it. Instead, you stand by them and support them.

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