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5 Things to avoid when asking a woman out on a first date.

Ever asked a woman out for a date and she agreed but then later she ignored your texts and calls? Well, you probably need to try the following next time:

1.Do not ask her over to your house for dinner/lunch/drink.

Asking a woman to come over to your house for the first date will only make her put her guard up. She will assume you want to rush things or you just want to bed her.

2.Do not take her to a club.

It all depends with what you hope to achieve or get from hanging out with her though. However, if you want to get know her and have a good conversation, it is wiser to go to a quiet environment like a restaurant or a picnic.

3.Do not ask to take her for a getaway.

Not unless you’ve known each other longer. Like say maybe you have been friends and so you know each other a little well. Do not ask a woman you just met or with whom you don’t know well to join you for a weekend get away.

4.Do not keep calling or texting to ask her if you’re still going out.

If she agreed to it the first time you asked, only call her a day in advance to confirm if you’re still going out. Asking that question too many times only makes you seem desperate.

5. Do not point out a flaw or ask her to spruce up a little more on the day you go out.

I hear some men will directly say things like,

and please try to fix your hair a little more on that day


could you wear a dress that’s a little more appropriate

Please don’t do that or anything close to that irregardless of what you hope to achieve from that date. Respect the lady!

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