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5 ways To Make Her Feel Wanted If You Want To Keep Her.

There’s one major mistake that men make leaving a woman feeling unwanted. They think that once a woman they like agrees to date him or in Kenyan terms, ‘akiingia box’, then that’s the end of wooing and pursuing her. Most men immediately stop making any effort whatsoever to chase her. They assume that since they have been out on several dates, then that’s it.

Below are 5 ways to show her that you’re not playing games with her and that she’s wanted:

1.Call and text her often.

Women really love it when a guy they like sends random texts with sweet nothings, jokes and so on. Call/text her in the morning and before she goes to bed. Call her during the day to check up on her or for no reason at all.

2.Learn to initiate contact.

Be the man and lead. Initiate contact by calling or starting a conversation via text. If she is the one that always texts first or calls, soon enough she’ll get tired. She will assume that you’re not into her. Try to be the first one to text or call first most of the time.

3.Do not take hours to reply to her texts or even worse, ignore them.

This is one of the worst habits that a lot of men have. We understand you might be busy and can’t reply to a text immediately, but try not to take hours before you can reply. No matter how busy you are, always take a few minutes of your time to reply. The text may seem silly or you may feel that it’s not worth a reply but, text back!

4.Create time for her.

Make her feel wanted by seeing her often. Make time for dates. Avoid last minute date cancellation and if you have to, then cancel on time and make sure you make up for it.

5. Surprise her.

Buy flowers/chocolates/food and have them delivered to her. Surprise her by taking her out spontaneously. Cook for her and have a random movie night and so on.

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