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8 Signs Of Fake/Toxic ‘Friends’ that you must let go of.

Are there people in your life that make you feel unimportant, unworthy, undeserving, underestimated, demeaned and so on? Do you ever feel uncomfortable and unappreciated in their company or midst? Are you afraid of letting them go simply because you feel like you owe or need them? Do you have fake/toxic people that you call friends in your life? If so, then you need to let go!

Do not be afraid to drop people or let them go. Life is too short to tolerate anyone. If you want your life to improve, be stress/drama free, then treat these kind of people like a hot potato that has just been placed on your palm straight from the fire.

At the beginning of this year, I promised to make sure that I drop anyone that did not improve or contribute towards my life and growth in general. Whether spiritually or emotionally. I let go of anyone that weighed me down. It was one of the best decisions I have made so far and it has improved my life in several ways.

Below are some of the things that mean it’s time to let go of people:

They are too negative. 

Nothing positive comes out of their mouths. They always find faults in everything from people, life or even simple things like an object placed in front of them.


Fake/toxic friends don’t seem to be happy when good things happen in your or anyone’s life. They might try to say something nice but it’s always followed by a negative comment. For example they may say, ‘you look good but that look doesn’t suit you.’ or ‘She takes good photos but she is not that smart and she’s weird’ etc

Toxic people gossip a lot.

They always have something to say about other people and in most cases, actually 100% of the time, the things they say are mean and very negative.

They are petty.

Toxic people complain too much about things that are not important. They pick fights over the smallest issues. You may mention something just to make conversation and they will somehow find a way to start a fight over that implying that you are attacking them.

Toxic people are selfish.

Everything has to be about them. These kind of people expect you to go out of your way to do things for them yet they will never reciprocate. Toxic people are always talking about themselves. They only talk about you when they want to find out about something so that they can have a topic to gossip about.

Fake/toxic friends are unappreciative.

They feel like anything good you do for them is their right. They will rarely appreciate or say a simple thank you.

Toxic people tend to treat the people that show them respect badly.

Instead of appreciating and respecting people back, they tend to be mean.

Hypocritical and judgmental.

Fake friends are two faced. Backstabbers. When with you or when they want something from you, they are nice and sweet. But when you turn around they are busy gossiping and saying negative things about you. These kind of people also act all holier than thou and they are the first to tell you how to live your life in accordance to holiness, yet they are the biggest and judgmental gossips.

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