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OUR CURRENT MEAL PLAN (What we eat in a weak)

A lot of people have been asking me to share our meal plan. Well, today I am going to share the one we are currently using, when school is ongoing. I do not make lunch during school days as my kids are away in school and also because I may not be home and if I am, I eat leftovers. We also don’t make dinner over the weekends. Instead, I make enough food during the day that can be eaten for supper as well.   BREAKFAST   LUNCH   SNACK…

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Simple and Affordable Burger recipe

Burgers! When mentioned, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is a ‘fast food restaurant’. Then chips/french fries. Then the price of the whole meal or even just the burger alone and its usually not that cheap. I got tired of my son asking for burgers which always meant going all the way to the hub Karen at his favorite burger joint. This meant spending over ksh.650 on a burger meal. With that amount plus a few coins on top I could buy the ingredients needed and make a burger…

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Stuffed Potato balls Recipe by Shiliz

I rarely use potatoes in my stews.  Mostly, I use potatoes to make French fries for my kids or mashed potatoes mixed with beans, peas or bananas. Then one day i saw this recipe on Facebook where a lady made potato balls stuffed with minced meat. I tried it and then I added my own twist. My kids or any guest i make these for always enjoy it so much. Today I’ll show you how to make the stuffed potato balls.  It is an easy and very affordable meal to make.…

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Rice and Spaghetti

There are two reasons why i cook a combination of rice and spaghetti : We’ve eaten enough meat products for the weak and i need a good vegetarian meal that my kids will enjoy without any complaints They want to eat spaghetti but what we have left is too little to make a complete spaghetti meal. I also think that this is a good meal for any bachelor/spinster, or for a person that does not consider themselves a good cook as its very easy to prepare, and also for those…

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