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As most of you may or may not know, I have been single for almost 2 years now.  At first, it was hard as I had just come from a 7 year long distance relationship, from which I had two babies. Then of course I tried to do what most women do after a break up.. move on fast in order to: 1.Avoid dealing with the pain. 2.Prove to my ex that I could be appealing to other men. 3.Try to get away from the thought of ever getting back…

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A high quality man Love 

A High quality Man versus a Jerk

No woman wants a jerk for a life partner. Every woman wants a good high quality man in her life. And by good I don’t mean a push over or a door mat. We want caring men that are sensitive towards our feelings, that love us genuinely. Men that at least try..if not make it a priority, to make us happy. Below is a comparison between a high quality man versus a not so good one, mostly referred to as a ‘jerk’. And before some of you go off on me,…

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Otile brown and Vera Sidika Entertainment Love 

Otile Brown Broke Up With Vera Sidika. Reason? Money!

I have been a big follower of Vera Sidika ever since the days of Nairobi diaries. She is a lady I admire especially for her business drive/acumen and hard work. I first found out about her and Otile Brown when they first broke up. To be honest, I did not know that he even existed before then. (I am not a big fun of secular music lately). I remember following him on Instagram immediately and even taking a peek into his you tube channel. Otile Brown then released a song (Achana…

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couple out on the beach Love 

5 Things to avoid when asking a woman out on a first date.

Ever asked a woman out for a date and she agreed but then later she ignored your texts and calls? Well, you probably need to try the following next time: 1.Do not ask her over to your house for dinner/lunch/drink. Asking a woman to come over to your house for the first date will only make her put her guard up. She will assume you want to rush things or you just want to bed her. 2.Do not take her to a club. It all depends with what you hope…

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Busy rich man working on his laptop Life Love 

8 essential questions to ask yourself before getting involved with/wishing to be with a rich man.

A while ago i narrated a story about a man that went from filthy rich to bankruptcy in just a matter of days. A successful man for a boyfriend or a husband. Today I have a few questions for any woman seeking to be involved with a rich man and they go as follows: 1. Are you ready for very little quality time with him? Whereby you don’t get to see him as often as you’d like to because he has deadlines to meet. What of those business/work meetings that never…

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An image of a man and having a good time Love 

5 ways To Make Her Feel Wanted If You Want To Keep Her.

There’s one major mistake that men make leaving a woman feeling unwanted. They think that once a woman they like agrees to date him or in Kenyan terms, ‘akiingia box’, then that’s the end of wooing and pursuing her. Most men immediately stop making any effort whatsoever to chase her. They assume that since they have been out on several dates, then that’s it. Below are 5 ways to show her that you’re not playing games with her and that she’s wanted: 1.Call and text her often. Women really love it…

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A handsome man that seems not interested Love 

5 signs that he’s not interested or into you.

You like this guy but you’re not sure if he likes you just as much. How can you tell whether he is interested in you or he is just taking you for a ride. Below are some of the signs: 1.He does not initiate contact. He rarely or never texts you first or even call just to talk to you or check up on you. He only picks up the phone when he needs something from you and in most cases, it’s a booty call. 2.He neither asks you out…

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An image of a man and woman on a date Love 

10 Things That May Turn Off your Crush/Date

There are things that are considered a total turn off when dating, besides being flirty flirty with every creature of the opposite sex of course. Some of these things will, or might make you lose a chance with a person that you really like or fancy, and probably wants to develop something deeper with. Let’s discuss some of them: 1.Talking negatively about your exes and why things didn’t work out Even if your date asks you about your ex, do not give them the full story as you’re yet to get…

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A well dressed successful man standing next to a nice car Life Love 

So You Say You Want A Successful Man For A Boyfriend Or A Husband?

As I was going about my business a few weeks ago, I met a very kind man that was probably in his late 50s. He helped me find my way to the bus stop as I was coming from a government institution in the outskirts of Nairobi. Coincidentally, he was coming from the same building and the same department (procurement) to pick the same document that I had gone to get (quotation) From there on, we started chatting and even boarded the same matatu and in the process of discussing…

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An image of a happy couple with whom the woman seems to have given her all Love 


Different people consider different things before getting into relationships or taking things to the next level when dating. Some women (I think it’s safe to say most women) want financially stable men that can take care of them. Some men want women that can cook really good food. Some people will go for good or kind hearted persons. Some want porn stars in the bedroom (yes! I said it) And the list goes on and on. However, before you give the man your heart, before you go all in, before…

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