A single Mother getting kisses from her children Life Parenting 


I have been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook where people (especially men which is very sad) disrespect single mothers. The kind of things they say are very disturbing. Some of these things include: Single mums are husband snatchers. They rely on sponsors. They sleep around even with their baby daddy’s etc. Single mum’s confession: People think my child was a mistake. He wasn’t. His father was~Whisper App Being a single mum does not mean that a woman is immoral like many people like to label them. In most…

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An image of a mum bonding with her son who suffers from absent mindedness My life Parenting 


Recently, my son and I have had it a little rough as I try to discipline him on matters to do with obedience and responsibility. He has been losing an item daily at school.. little did i know that it all has to do with absent mindedness. So one night before he slept i said to him, “you’re a good boy and I am sometimes tough on you only because I want you to grow up to be a good person. I want you to grow up to be a…

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An image of a little girl's hair after her hair was done Beauty Parenting 

How to do your little girl’s hair with ease, by yourself

Doing a little girls hair can be a bit of a challenge especially because most of them don’t like it when anyone touches their hair, plus they’re still young and a little restless. In this post, you’re going to learn how to do your little girls hair with ease. But also remember, Never force a hairstyle on your little one. Ever since she was a baby, my daughter never wanted anyone to touch her hair..even me. Because of this, I opted to shave her hair and keep it short for a…

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An image of a pet cat Parenting 

6 Things To Do When Your Child’s Pet Dies

About two weeks ago, one of my kid’s cats (my son’s to be precise) accidentally fell into a tank full of water and drowned. Sad, I know! The saddest part though is that we all found it together, my kids and I, so there was no way I could protect them from seeing such a horrific scene. Do not lie to your child about the loss of a pet. After we got it out of the water and confirmed it was dead, I remember my son running to his room…

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Mother and her two children Parenting 

Important tips on parenting

Any parent reading this will agree that parenting requires patience, sacrifice and most importantly wisdom. Bringing a child into this world, feeding, clothing and educating him or her is not all that parenting is about. It’s important to remember that a child is a little human with feelings just like any other human being. They hurt, they feel the humiliation, rejection and discrimination. As parents and guardians, we are tasked with the responsibility to take care of our little ones’ emotional needs and should also do our best not to…

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