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8 essential questions to ask yourself before getting involved with/wishing to be with a rich man.

A while ago i narrated a story about a man that went from filthy rich to bankruptcy in just a matter of days. A successful man for a boyfriend or a husband.

Today I have a few questions for any woman seeking to be involved with a rich man and they go as follows:

1. Are you ready for very little quality time with him?

Whereby you don’t get to see him as often as you’d like to because he has deadlines to meet. What of those business/work meetings that never end?

I know that many people, me included, will argue that if a man really loves and wants you he’ll create time for you. But sometimes this can be hard as business/work can be more demanding and believe it or not, its tough on a man that truly loves you as well.

2. Are you ready for last minute date cancellation?

Where he cancels that dinner/lunch date or a movie night because a business/work emergency came up.

3. Are you ready for interruptions by the phone calls that keep coming in when you’re having some alone time?

And in most cases, he has to up and leave. Yes! Probably after having some good time and you’re both ready to cuddle. Then the phone goes off and the next thing you hear is, ‘sorry babe but i have to go.’

4. Can you handle the times he’s totally beat and just wants to be alone with his beer, pizza and Netflix/football?

Where he can’t even chat with you or talk to you on the phone. Can you understand that sometimes when he gets home, he just wants to shower, have a good meal and then sleep?

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By now i’m sure most of you are saying,

aaaaah hivo tu? As long as he gives me a little time and takes care of me, that i can handle.’

Or as one of the famous phrases used by women on social media today goes,

”I’d rather cry in a Range Rover sports/in Dubai than on a bicycle.”

Good for you! But lets explore this a little more..

5.What if he looses a big business deal that he really wanted and goes into a short/long term  depression?

And trust me, men can be very difficult while in this situation.

6. What of those times where business is slow and you can’t get those good things that you’re used to? Or when a few changes with regards to expenses have to be made?

How will you handle that? Are you mature enough to accept the changes or will the love you have for him disappear?

7. How will you help him if his business is going through a really hard time that either requires a cash injection or an intellectual solution?

Will you have savings stashed away to help him and are you willing to learn more about what he actually does and help him in decision making or problem solving?

8.Did i mention dealing with the attention he gets from women?

Mmmhhh! He’s successful meaning he probably cleans up nice and drives a good car(s). It doesn’t really matter how ugly he is, women will be all over him! How will you handle that?


But even so, how can one tell that all of the above means that he’s a busy businessman/career man and not a womaniser? Well, i’d advice you to observe his routine and behaviour. Also take note of how much effort he makes to keep you happy and make you a part of his life.

P.S Be sure to read this post that I did on Mafisi. It will come in handy on this topic.

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