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A High quality Man versus a Jerk

No woman wants a jerk for a life partner. Every woman wants a good high quality man in her life. And by good I don’t mean a push over or a door mat.

We want caring men that are sensitive towards our feelings, that love us genuinely. Men that at least try..if not make it a priority, to make us happy.

Below is a comparison between a high quality man versus a not so good one, mostly referred to as a ‘jerk’. And before some of you go off on me, remember that i didn’t invent the word.



He gives his career his all and get’s the best out of it no matter what it is. It does not matter how much he earns, he still works hard. Passion and hard work is what really matters.

Goals oriented and driven

A man can possess every quality out there but if he’s not goals oriented and driven, then he’s a no go zone. Trust me! You’ll never move from point A to B with a man that lacks this characteristic.. You’ll be going in circles. There’s a possibility that you’ll keep living the same life, the same way and in the same position.

Not easily influenced

A high quality man stands by his decisions and his woman. He follows his heart and does not listen to what people have to say about his life or his partner.

Respectful and polite

High quality men treat people with respect and especially women. Actually, he does not shout unnecessarily during an argument or when his woman has wronged him. Instead, he let’s her vent. Then politely talks to her or puts her in her place if need be..POLITELY!

He treats everyone around him with respect, the gate man, the help, the waiter, his co-workers, his family and so on. Yes! These kind of men exist.

Sweet and Kind

This kind of man does little and thoughtful things for his woman/people around him. He helps with the cleaning and cooking. Buys flowers for his woman or surprises her in one way or the other. Makes sure that she’s back home safely after a date. Calls her in the evening to know how her day was. Leaves her a text every morning before she wakes up e.t.c..

He is generous and compassionate towards the less fortunate.

Open and honest

A high quality does not have too many dark secrets. He does not lie about important issues.


This gentleman stays true to one woman. He understands the consequences that come with sleeping around and trying to keep many woman.


Most noteworthy, his views and actions are consistent. He calls,texts, makes an effort to see you and so on and he will not stop suddenly. Not unless he has lost interest in you, which certainly, he would then tell you.

A gentleman

He opens the door and holds it for you. Is keen on what you like and dislike. He doesn’t rush you into intimacy. A high quality man wants to make sure that he satisfies you in every aspect of life.

Doesn’t abuse any substance

A good man will probably drink occasionally but not over do it. Drinking is not an everyday thing. He does not chain smoke or use any hard drugs.

THE OTHER MAN aka the jerk


Actually, this kind of man has a woman in every city or mtaa.

A pathological liar

As a result of so many girlfriends, how can he be honest? He has to lie to maintain them. Right?


A low quality man complains about every job and has a problem keeping one.

Rude, disrespectful and abusive

A jerk ill treats not only his woman but everyone in his life. As a result, he is insulting and violent and will openly disrespect people.


These guys ignore you. Mostly, your grievances in the relationship, your calls and your texts e.t.c. are completely ignored and he moves on like nothing ever happened.

Jerks do something called ‘checking in’ just to keep you hooked.

Jerks take you out once or twice. They will also text/call you for the first few days or for some weeks. Then disappear and show up a few days later. They will text or start up a chat just to make sure that you’re still hang up on them, and then disappear again.

After a while, they will call you when they need a favor or for some booty.

He is a flake.

Above all, a jerk will always go back on his word. Besides that, he certainly always has an excuse for not showing up or fulfilling his end of the bargain.

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