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Mr and Mrs Bonfire adventures! The couple that’s currently trending.

Now, every woman wants to be Sarah. Or rather they want, and I quote, “a man like Simon”.

Ladies, with all due respect, not unless you want a sponsor(jibaba aka old rich man), I don’t think a man like Simon will drop out of heaven to your doorstep. Look at this couple, do they look like they just met?!

Point number one. For a man to get to this point of going out of his way to treat his other half this way (surprising her with her dream car on her birthday), she has EARNED it.

She has probably STOOD BY him since all they could afford is one or two meals a day (I don’t know for sure). She has probably been his MOTIVATOR and has PUSHED him to keep going even when things were really bad and tough. Sarah, is probably the SOLE reason why they own such a successful business.

Point number two. Instead of waiting for a ready Simon, just find or stick to that normal or average but HARD WORKING and GOALS ORIENTED & DRIVEN man, motivate and push him towards his goals, be his ride or die. One day, it may take time, you’ll be standing in Sarah’s shoes.

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