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Otile Brown Broke Up With Vera Sidika. Reason? Money!

I have been a big follower of Vera Sidika ever since the days of Nairobi diaries. She is a lady I admire especially for her business drive/acumen and hard work.

I first found out about her and Otile Brown when they first broke up. To be honest, I did not know that he even existed before then. (I am not a big fun of secular music lately). I remember following him on Instagram immediately and even taking a peek into his you tube channel.

Otile Brown then released a song (Achana nao )the following week and they magically got back together. Had we been played all for the purpose of publicizing that song?

A while later, they broke up again! Then he accused her of aborting their baby. By now, people were getting a little tired of their ‘games’.

They then posted a photo on Instagram together when Vera was in Dubai for her birthday celebration, and the next thing we knew Vera surprised him while he was performing. As if we were not baffled enough!!

In the last couple of days I noticed that Vera was attending parties and Otile was out of the picture. I almost asked her on her IG why we don’t see them together anymore. (She really tries when it comes to responding to her followers on IG which I think is pretty awesome).

Then today (27th October 2018) she posted a video on YouTube announcing that they broke up and she went ahead to explain why.

Apparently Otile asked Vera for ksh.500,000 to top up what he had for the the purchase of a Mercedes, which she refused to give. According to her, Otile Brown did not take the turn down very well and hence broke up with her.

Vera Sidika's and Otile Brown's chat on whatsapp
Vera Sidika’s and Otile Brown’s chat on whatsapp  Source: YouTube

The big Question now is..

Is Vera and Otile’s relationship over for good this time or are we being played for publicity reasons?

Watch more of what she had to say about their break up below..

Featured photo: Instagram (well…before they deleted them)

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