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5 signs that he’s not interested or into you.

You like this guy but you’re not sure if he likes you just as much. How can you tell whether he is interested in you or he is just taking you for a ride. Below are some of the signs:

1.He does not initiate contact.

He rarely or never texts you first or even call just to talk to you or check up on you. He only picks up the phone when he needs something from you and in most cases, it’s a booty call.

2.He neither asks you out nor makes any effort to see you.

He does not ask you out for drinks or dinner. He will not look for you just to see you and spend time with you. If a guy really likes you he will make any excuse just to see you. He also goes out of his way to make plans for the both of you to spend quality time together.

3.He goes for hours or even days without replying to your texts.

You may text him and he won’t even bother to read and sometimes he’ll read and not reply i.e. ‘blue tick you’. For a guy that’s really into you, any message you send to him be it a direct message on social media, whats-app or sms; he’ll read and reply as soon as he can because he’s curious and eager to know what you have to say simply because he’s interested in you.

4.He always makes excuses not to see you.

He always seems to come up with the lamest excuses every time you reach out to him and ask to hang out. Some of those excuses include being busy with work, tired and so on.

5.He cancels dates at the last minute.

You may have both agreed on a day and time to go out on a date but he cancels at the last minute. Sometimes in a very disrespectful manner in that he wont even call to cancel. When you call, that’s when he tells you that he can’t make it.

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